since 1923... From a Youthful Entrepreneurial Spirit - to a Leader in Italian Cheese Production John Miceli was just 15 years old when he began driving his Model-T pickup truck through the streets of Cleveland, selling traditional Italian cheeses such as Ricotta and Mozzarella. The company that was born out of a Model-T with a young man supplying cheese to local Italian families and corner stores in Cleveland, has grown into Miceli Dairy Products Company, Inc. - a nationally recognized leader in the Italian Cheese industry. As the business grew and expanded, the physical plant did as well. Since moving to its current location in 1949, Miceli Dairy Products has experienced continuous growth, most recently with a $20 million plant expansion including a new welcome center. The Miceli family has always been involved in the business, beginning with patriarch John Miceli and his four children. Today, the business continues to thrive with John's children Carol, Rosemarie, John and Joe, who currently co-own and operate the business along with their children - all of whom are committed to continuing John Miceli's legacy of high-quality products and outstanding customer service. True to that youthful, entrepreneurial spirit, John Miceli never retired and remained devoted to his products, customers and his employees until he died at the age of 91. Driven by the values of hard work, discipline and a commitment to continuous improvement, the Miceli family has earned a place of prominence in the Italian cheese market. As an industry leader in the production of Ricotta cheese, Miceli's prides itself in product innovation, while remaining true to old-world authentic craftsmanship in cheese production. Miceli's also takes advantage of the latest technology in equipment and packaging innovation to extend product shelf-life without sacrificing the flavor and natural integrity of John Miceli's original recipes. Suffice it to say, that youthful, entrepreneurial spirit of John Miceli lives on, as his children and grandchildren dedicate their lives to the success of his dream.